How The City Of West Palm Beach Forced Locksmiths To Change Their Entire Business Model


How The City Of West Palm Beach Forced Locksmiths To Change Their Entire Business Model

West Palm Beach might only have a population of little more than 110000 people, but its needs are as diverse as any other major city. Not only do you have families living in West Palm Beach, but you also have a range of businesses operating like shops, bars, and clubs located on Clematis Street and City Place, and massive companies like Affiliated Managers Group, Florida Public Utilities, and Aerojet Rocketdyne. Then let’s consider the fact that there’s an average of two cars per household in West Palm Beach.


The above statistics would have an impact on any type of business really and service providers have to reassess their approach when they see changes in trends. Interestingly enough, that’s exactly what’s happening with the average West Palm Beach 24 hour locksmith. Most locksmiths took the singular approach and would cater exclusively to either residential, commercial, or vehicular clients. However, recently we have seen more and more companies like Door N Key Locksmith where any and all locksmith solutions (and more as you’ll read below) are being offered under one roof for clients from all backgrounds.


Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at how locksmiths have changed their service model and what benefits there are to consumers in opting for this modern-day locksmith service providers in comparison to traditional locksmiths.




Traditional locksmiths usually set up shop ina busy area and operate out of that one workshop for the entirety of the business. You would have to take the time out to go over to that workshop for jobs like key duplication or lock repair. If its a job that requires the locksmith to come to your house (like lock installation), then you’d have to set an appointment with the locksmith. Moreover, the locksmith is just one person and that limitation means you’ll have to work on someone else’s schedule.


However, that the service model has drastically changed Modern-day West Palm Beach locksmith companies are now adopting the “mobile locksmith” model, whereby a vast network of locksmiths is made available to customers throughout the city. This network is made available around the clock, so any time of night or day that you have a lock-and-key issue all you need to do is call the locksmith company and the next available locksmith is dispatched to your location.


These companies equip their technicians with almost everything that could be necessary for a lock-and-key situation. You’ll see them carrying all the tools they require and then they’ll also have a stock of locks and security equipment in their car in case you need to replace a lock or any other security equipment. The idea is to equip the technicians to the point where they do not need to make a supply run for any reason whatsoever.


What results is a service that is of the utmost convenience to consumers. You could lock yourself outside your house or car in the middle of the night and you wouldn’t have to worry. A single phone call and a locksmith is at your location to let you back inside your house or car without causing any further damage (let’s face it, you would have thought to break a window at some point). Also, because they’re so well equipped, they’ll make you an extra pair of keys right on-site and at a very nominal cost.


There are many times when families are moving into their new home and they forget to set up an appointment with the locksmith. Rather than risk security, you could call such a service and let them know the issue. They’ll have a technician at your new home within minutes and you can sleep safe and sound on the first night in your new home.


Regardless of what the situation might be, one can’t argue that the change in the service model has most definitely made an impact on the convenience factor that customers look for in any kind of service really. With a city like West Palm Beach, with all the different types of people and businesses, it’s good that we have a service that operates so swiftly around the clock.




The convenience of the new service model notwithstanding, what truly strikes people about the modern-day West Palm Beach locksmith is the wide range of services on offer. One can argue that these locksmith companies also indulge in the security sector with what they offer customers. It goes without saying that these companies deal with all lock-and-key issues and they do that for residential, commercial, and vehicular clients.


Then come the installation services. You’d be surprised at how proficient these companies are in installing things like security gates, window grills, safes, vaults, master key systems, and high-security locks. They also do a decent job when it comes to installing security systems in homes, offices, and cars, and not just your traditional intruder alarms. The most sophisticated and state-of-the-art mobile home systems are on offer as well. You can even get the keyless entry system for your car that’ll make you look like James Bond.


Finally, there are security assessment services. A team is dispatched to your house or office and the team carries out a detailed survey of the entire property, looking for vulnerabilities in security. After they’ve checked every nook and cranny, they’ll present you with a detailed report highlighting all the vulnerabilities in your security.


You’ll also be given an opinion on what measures you should install to cover these vulnerabilities and how much it would cost. You can leave it at that, or opt to have the company install all the security measures they’ve suggested at the quoted price. This approach to security tends to be somewhat expensive but it does ensure the utmost security as well. A professional will be able to assess the situation much better than you, a layman, and suggest appropriate measures.


As you can see, the goal is to have a one-stop-shop solution for everything lock-and-key and security related. This does allow for convenience, but its also a great way for these West Palm beach locksmith companies to drive up business. If you’re offering everything under the sun to everyone under the sun, then everyone will be talking about you. By word of mouth and presence in different sectors, these companies are able to attract a lot more business.




These locksmith companies operate on a business model that allows them to offer better prices. Moreover, West Palm Beach locksmith companies face a decent amount of competition, meaning they need to keep prices competitive. You end up with prices that traditional locksmiths just can’t offer. Combine this with the added convenience being offered, you end up with a lot more value for money. You won’t be driving to a locksmith any more, so you’re also saving on fuel costs and time.


However, it doesn’t just stop there. One needs to understand that these service providers are registered companies and, as such, they have to meet a higher standard of business practice. The level of scrutiny by regulators and tax authorities is much higher, and these service providers have to act in a manner where the consumer is protected at all times. This leaves little room for incidents, such as faulty workmanship or substandard locks. It also leaves little room for more serious incidents, such as robberies and theft. We’ve all heard instances where locksmiths have been complicit with robbers.


However, this is not to say that traditional independent locksmiths cannot offer similar prices or that they are not reliable. It’s possible you could find the same prices with your corner locksmith and that you trust him like you would a family member. However, from a generalized perspective, one can’t deny that the whole package on offer by these locksmith companies is much better than what the traditional locksmith is able to offer.




Simply put, with the way things are going, it seems that locksmith companies will come to dominate the industry and independent locksmiths will end up being absorbed by such companies. However, this will not be true for every city. At the end of the day, it comes down to the type of city or town the locksmith is operating in. These modern-day locksmith companies will be of little use in a village in rural Indiana where everyone goes to sleep at 8 pm. However, as far as West Palm Beach is concerned, the landscape could change within the next decade or so.


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